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We are a group of enthusiastic, professional and slightly mad individuals with a lot (of what we hope are) really great ideas (or at least noteworthy but crap - we can accept that accolade). was born from an idea that everyone loves silly and random gifts whether you being the one receiving them OR buying them (for those people who are tricky to buy for). The type of gift you know that the person will love, find hilarious and certainly will not already have (there is nothing worse than seeing that awkward look on someone's face because they have already got what you gave them).

No more searching around for the latest cookbooks, no more finding a CD of an artist they will probably hate, no more money that has an expiration date and can only be used in Boots... and no more bikes, scooters, skateboards & roller blades that will ensure Boxing Day is spent in A&E.

Try something a little bit different, a bit less serious, a lot more fun and that will certainly suit a credit crunch budget these holidays, birthdays & insert all other holiday type days here.

So.... why not have a browse round the easy way to make someone's day... and if your not sure what that is yet... then your an idiot (we joke XD) - it's and it's a pleasure to welcome you to the site.

We also hope you like the site and welcome any feedback or questions regarding any aspect of the site and it's products! 
Keep a look out on this page as we will soon be announcing the ROADSHOW. 
Where we could be coming to a town near you to show off our fine range of products and let you buy them then and there... we will also be offering some exclusive items and discounts to people who come along (including merchandise)!
We will be announcing dates soon, so stay turned!
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